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  • Bộ mẫu khuyết tật đúc Cast Specimen Set
Bộ mẫu khuyết tật đúc Cast Specimen Set

Bộ mẫu khuyết tật đúc Cast Specimen Set

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Mã hàng: CA-K1 Category: Cast Specimen Set Lượt xem: 20072 Tình trạng: Còn hàng

Bộ mẫu khuyết tật đúc

Cast Specimen Set

Cast Specimen Set

Qty: 1 Set of 8 Specimens


Each Cast Specimen Set will contain a mix of 8 aluminum cast specimens. There will be limited specimen geometry duplication.
The specimens are nominal in size and can be held easily in one hand.
Each specimen will contain a variety of visual casting defects and abnormalities.
There is not a standard number of casting defects per specimen.
Each specimen is a unique casting and cannot be duplicated.
FlawTech will call out the obvious indications.
The skilled inspector may observe indications not documented by FlawTech.
Cast Specimen Sets Documentation:

Includes a photograph of each of the 8 specimen’s major surface or side.
Each photograph will include one or more call outs indicating the location of the prominent defect(s).
Each specimen major side will be hard stamped 1A, 1B, 2A, 2B, thru 8A, 8B.
Carrying Case Dimensions and Kit Weight:

15” x 13” x 10”, ~15LBS
Optional RT of Set

$500.00 Includes Film and Technique Sheet

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